Solution: Evaluate: lim┬(x→∞)⁡〖(3x^4-2x^2+7)/(5x^3+x-3)〗

Evaluate: lim┬(x→∞)⁡〖(3x^4-2x^2+7)/(5x^3+x-3)〗. How to evaluate limit using L'Hospital's Rule?

Evaluate: lim┬(x→∞)⁡〖(3x^4-2x^2+7)/(5x^3+x-3)〗

Problem Statement: EE Board October 1994

Evaluate: lim┬(x→∞)⁡〖(3x^4-2x^2+7)/(5x^3+x-3)〗
  • A. Undefined
  • B. 3/5
  • C. Infinity
  • D. Zero

Problem Answer:

The limit is equal to Infinity


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