Solution: Solve for x from the given equation: ∜(8∛(2√8x) ) = 2

Solve for x from the given equation: ∜(8∛(2√8x) ) = 2. How to solve algebraic expression involving properties of radicals?

Solve for x from the given equation: ∜(8∛(2√8x) ) = 2

Problem Statement: CE Board November 1991

Solve for x from the given equation:

∜(8∛(2√8x) ) = 2

  • A. 4
  • B. 2
  • C. 3
  • D. 5

Problem Answer:

x is equal to 2.


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This one is easy, since the value of x is 2, you'll get 16, then get the square root, you'll have 4. 4 multiplied it with 2 equals 8 then get its cube root, the answer is 2. 2 multiply it with 8 and you'll get 16 then get the 4th root equals 2! I love math, although this arithmetic problem is easy, you do not need a calculator for that matter as long as you know how multiplication goes and square roots, you won't get wrong. I not only consider math as one of my fave subject but doing trust essays as well.

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