MCQs in Basic Op-Amp Circuits - Answers

Answers key for the MCQs in Basic Op-Amp Circuits from the book Electronic Devices - Electron Flow Version and Conventional Current Version 8th Edition by Thomas L. Floyd.

Answers in Basic Op-Amp Circuits

Below are the answers key for the Multiple Choice Questions (Quiz) in Basic Op-Amp Circuits .

1. B. 12 V.

2. D. hysteresis.

3. A. two trigger levels.

4. C. zener

5. B. select the highest value input.

6. D. the rate of change of the input voltage.

7. D. 26 Vp-p

8. C. +Vsat

9. D. –Vsat

10. C. +Vsat

11. B. –0.5 V

12. A. 1.05 V

13. D. +1.41 V

14. C. –2.47 V

15. B. a differentiator.

16. C. an integrator.

17. B. a triangle wave.

18. C. 1.52 mV/µs

19. A. pulse waveform.

20. B. a comparator with hysteresis.

21. C. uses a capacitor in its feedback circuit.

22. D. comparator

23. B. thermostat.

24. C. Schmitt trigger.

25. B. zener diodes

26. C. both of the above

27. A. integrator

28. B. Differentiation

29. A. averaging

30. B. nonzero-level detector


1. A. True

2. B. False

3. A. True

4. B. False

5. A. True

6. A. True

7. A. True

8. A. True

9. B. False

10. A. True

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