MCQs in Strength of Materials Part VI

Compiled MCQs in Strength of Materials Part 6 of the series as one topic in General Engineering and Applied Sciences (GEAS) in the ECE Board Exam.

MCQs in Strength of Materials Part 6

This is the Multiples Choice Questions Part 6 of the Series in Strength of Materials as one of the General Engineering and Applied Sciences (GEAS) topic. In Preparation for the ECE Board Exam make sure to expose yourself and familiarize in each and every questions compiled here taken from various sources including past Board Questions in General Engineering and Applied Sciences (GEAS), Strength of Materials Books, Journals and other Strength of Materials References. (Note: Rectilinear Translation and Centrifugal Force questions and answers added)

Online Questions and Answers in Strength of Materials Series

Following is the list of multiple choice questions in this brand new series:

Strength of Materials MCQs
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Continue Practice Exam Test Questions Part VI of the Series

Choose the letter of the best answer in each questions.

251. The flywheel of a puncher is to be brought to a complete stop in 8 seconds from a speed of 60 revolutions per minute. Compute the number of turns the flywheel will still make if its deceleration is uniform.

  • A. 5 turns
  • B. 3 turns
  • C. 4 turns
  • D. 6 turns

252. What is the speed of a synchronous earth’s satellite situated 4.5 x 10^7 m from the earth?

  • A. 11,070.0kph
  • B. 12,000.0kph
  • C. 11,777.4kph
  • D. 12,070.2kph

253. A rotating wheel has a radius of 2 feet and 6 inches. A point on the rim of the wheel moves 30 feet in 2 sec find the angular velocity of the wheel.

  • A. 2rad/s
  • B. 4rad/s
  • C. 5rad/s
  • D. 6rad/s

254. A turbine started from rest to 180rpm in 6 minutes at a constant acceleration. Find the number of revolutions that it makes within the elapsed time.

  • A. 500
  • B. 540
  • C. 550
  • D. 630

255. A flywheel is 15cm in diameter accelerates uniformly from rest to 500rpm in 20seconds. What is its angular acceleration?

  • A. 2.62 rad/s^2
  • B. 3.45 rad/s^2
  • C. 3.95 rad/s^2
  • D. 4.42 rad/s^2

256. A boy tied a 60grams stone to a string which he rotated to form a circular motion with a diameter of 1000mm. compute for the pull exerted on the string by the stone if it got loose leaving at a velocity of 25m/sec.

  • A. 120N
  • B. 100N
  • C. 150N
  • D. 135N

257. A man keeps a 1kg toy airplane flying horizontally in a circle by holding onto a 1.5m long string attached to its wing tip. The string is always in the plane of the circular path. If the plane flies at 10m/sec, find the tension in the string.

  • A. 28N
  • B. 15N
  • C. 67N
  • D. 18N

258. An automobile travels on a perfectly horizontal, unbanked circular track of radius R. The coefficient of friction between the tires and track is 0.3. If the car’s velocity is 15m/s, what is the smallest radius it may travel without skidding?

  • A. 68.4m
  • B. 69.4m
  • C. 71.6m
  • D. 76.5m

259. A hi-way curve has a super elevation of 7degrees. What is the radius of the curve such that there will be no lateral pressure between the tires and the roadway at a speed of 40mph?

  • A. 265.71m
  • B. 438.34m
  • C. 345.34m
  • D. 330.78m

260. Traffic travels at 65m/hr around a banked highway curve with a radius of 3000feet. What barking angle is necessary such that friction will not be required to resist the centrifugal force?

  • A. 3.2deg
  • B. 2.5deg
  • C. 5.4deg
  • D. 18deg

261. Determine the angle of the super elevation for a 200m hi-way curve so that there will be no slide thrust at a speed of 90kph.

  • A. 19.17deg
  • B. 17.67deg
  • C. 18.32deg
  • D. 20.11deg

262. The inclination of ascend of a road having an 8.25% grade is _______.

  • A. 4.72 deg
  • B. 4.27 deg
  • C. 5.12 deg
  • D. 1.86 deg

263. A cyclist on a circular track of radius r = 800 feet is traveling at 27fps. His speed in the tangential direction increases at the rate of 3 fps^2. What is the cyclist’s total acceleration?

  • A. 2.8fps^2
  • B. 3.1 fps^2
  • C. 3.8 fps^2
  • D. 4.2 fps^2

264. A concrete hi-way curve with a radius of 500ft is banked to give lateral pressure equivalent to f= 0.16. For what coefficient of friction will skidding impend for a speed of 60mph?

  • A. u>0.360
  • B. u<0.310
  • C. u>0.310
  • D. u<0.360

265. What force is necessary to accelerate a 30,000 pounds railway electric car at the rate of 1.25ft/sec^2, if the force required to overcome frictional resistance is 400 pounds?

  • A. 1565 pounds
  • B. 1585 pounds
  • C. 1595 pounds
  • D. 1575 pounds

266. A car weighing 40 tons is switched to a 2 percent upgrade with a velocity of 30mph. if the train resistance is 10lb/ton, how far up the grade will it go?

  • A. 1124 ft on slope
  • B. 2024 ft on slope
  • C. 1204 ft on slope
  • D. 1402 ft on slope

267. A car moving at 70km/hr has a mass of 1700kg. What force is necessary to decelerate it at a rate of 40cm/s^2?

  • A. 4250N
  • B. 0.68N
  • C. 680N
  • D. 42.5N

268. An elevator weighing 2,000 lb attains an upward velocity of 16fps in 4seconds with uniform acceleration. What is the tension in the supporting cables?

  • A. 2,150 lb
  • B. 2,495 lb
  • C. 1,950 lb
  • D. 2,250lb

269. A body weighing 40lb starts from rest and slides down a plane at an angle of 30deg with the horizontal for which the coefficient of friction u = 0.30. How far will it move during the third second?

  • A. 19.63 feet
  • B. 19.33 feet
  • C. 18.33 feet
  • D. 19.99 feet

270. A pick-up truck is traveling forward at 25m/s. The bed is loaded with boxes whose coefficient of friction with the bed is 0.4. What is the shortest time that the truck can be brought to a stop such that the boxes do not shift?

  • A. 2.35s
  • B. 4.75s
  • C. 5.45s
  • D. 6.37s

271. An iron column of annular cross-section has an outer diameter of 200mm and is subjected to a force of 74kN. Find the thickness of the wall if the allowable compressive stress is 10MPa.

  • A. 12.75mm
  • B. 12.57mm
  • C. 17.75mm
  • D. 15.75mm

272. A force of 10N is applied to one end of a 10inches diameter circular rod. Calculate the stress.

  • A. 0.20kPa
  • B. 0.15kPa
  • C. 0.05kPa
  • D. 0.10kPa

273. A steel tie rod on bridge must be made to withstand a pull of 5000lbs. Find the diameter of the rod assuming a factor of safety of 5 and ultimate stress of 64,000 psi.

  • A. 0.75
  • B. 0.71
  • C. 0.84
  • D. 0.79

274. Determine the outside diameter of a hollow steel tube that will carry a tensile load of 500kN at a stress of 140MPa. Assume the wall thickness to be one-tenth of the outside diameter.

  • A. 111.3mm
  • B. 109.7mm
  • C. 113.7mm
  • D. 112.4mm

275. If the ultimate shear strength of a steel plate is 42,000 psi, what force is necessary to punch a 0.75inch diameter hole in a 0.625inch thick plate?

  • A. 63,000
  • B. 68,080
  • C. 61, 850
  • D. 66,800

276. What force is required to punch a ½-inch hole on a 3/8 thick plate if the ultimate shearing strength of the plate is 42,000 psi?

  • A. 24,940
  • B. 24,620
  • C. 24,960
  • D. 24,740

277. A single bolt is used to lap joint two steel bars together. Tensile force on the bar is 20000N. Determine the diameter of the bolt required if the allowable shearing stress is 70MPa?

  • A. 17mm
  • B. 18mm
  • C. 19mm
  • D. 20mm

278. What is the stress in a thin-walled spherical shell of diameter D and a wall thickness t when subjected to internal pressure p?

  • A. S = D/pt
  • B. S = 4D/pt
  • C. S = pD/4t
  • D. S = pD/t

279. Compute the safe wall thickness of a 76.2cm diameter steel tank. The tank is subjected to 7.33MPa pressure and the steel material has a yield stress of 215.4 MPa. The factor of safety to use is 3.

  • A. 1 ½ inches
  • B. 3.69 inches
  • C. 4.09 inches
  • D. 3.95 inches

280. A cylindrical water tank is 8m in diameter and 12m high. If the tank is to be completely filled, determine the minimum thickness of the tank plating if the stress is limited to 40MPa.

  • A. 11.77mm
  • B. 13.18mm
  • C. 10.25mm
  • D. 12.6mm

281. A water reservoir of 24m high and 12mm diameter is to be completely filled with water. Find the minimum thickness of the reservoir plating if the stress is limited to 50MPa.

  • A. 24.5mm
  • B. 28mm
  • C. 21mm
  • D. 26mm

282. The stress in a 90-cm diameter pipe having a wall thickness of 9.5cm and under a static head of 70m of water is

  • A. 325kPa
  • B. 32.5kPa
  • C. 32.5MPa
  • D. 3.25Mpa

283. A cylindrical tank with 10inches inside diameter contains oxygen gas at 2,500psi. Calculate the required thickness in mm under a stress of 28,000 psi.

  • A. 11.44
  • B. 11.34
  • C. 10.60
  • D. 10.30

284. A solid shaft 48.2cm long is used for a transmission of a mechanical power at a rate of 37kW running at 1760rpm. The stress is 8.13MPa. Calculate the diameter.

  • A.30mm
  • B. 35mm
  • C. 40mm
  • D. 50mm

285. What is the modulus of elasticity if the stress is 44,000 psi and unit strain of 0.00105?

  • A. 41.905x10^6
  • B. 42.300x10^6
  • C. 41.202x10^6
  • D. 43.101x10^6

286. A 2-inch solid shaft is driven by a 36-inch gear and transmits power at 120rpm. If the allowable shearing stress is 12ksi, what horsepower can be transmitted?

  • A. 29.89
  • B. 35.89
  • C. 38.89
  • D. 34.89

287. A hollow shaft has an inner diameter of 0.035m and an outer diameter of 0.06m. Compute for the torque in N-m, if the stress is not to exceed 120MPa.

  • A.4500
  • B. 4100
  • C. 4300
  • D. 4150

288. Compute the nominal shear stress at the surface in MPa for a 40-mm diameter shaft that transmits 750kW at 1500rpm. Axial and bending loads are assumed negligible.

  • A. 218
  • B. 312
  • C. 232
  • D. 380

289. A hollow shaft has an inner diameter of 0.035m and an outer diameter of 0.06m. Determine the polar moment of inertia of the hollow shaft.

  • A. 1.512x10^-6 m^4
  • B. 1.215x10^-6 m^4
  • C. 1.152x10^-6 m^4
  • D. 1.125x10^-6 m^4

290. What power would a spindle 55mm in diameter transmit at 480rpm. Stress allowed for short shaft is 59N/mm^2

  • A. 42.12kW
  • B. 50.61kW
  • C. 96.88kW
  • D. 39.21kW

291. A 30-m long aluminum bar is subjected to a tensile stress of 172MPa. Find the elongation if E=69,116MPa.

  • A. 0.746m
  • B. 0.007m
  • C. 6.270mm
  • D. 7.46cm

292. A steel wire is 4m long and 2mm in diameter. How much is it elongated by a suspended body of mass 20kg? Young’s modulus of elasticity for steel is 196,000MPa.

  • A. 1.123mm
  • B. 1.385mm
  • C. 1.374mm
  • D. 1.274mm

293. A steel wire is 6m long hanging vertically supports a load of 2000N. Neglecting the weight of the wire, determine the required diameter if the stress is not to exceed 140MPa and the total elongation is not to exceed 4mm. E= 200,000MPa

  • A. 3.4mm
  • B. 4.4mm
  • C. 4.26mm
  • D. 5.4mm

294. A copper rolled wire 10m long and 1.5mm diameter when supporting a weight of 350N elongates 18.6mm. Compute the value of the Young’s modulus of this wire.

  • A. 200GPa
  • B. 180.32GPa
  • C. 148.9GPa
  • D. 106.48GPa

295. A cylinder of diameter 1.0cm at 30degC is to be slid into a hole on a steel plate. The hole has a diameter of 0.99970cm at 30degC. To what temperature the plate must be heated? Coefficient of linear expansion for steel is 1.2x10^-6cm/degC.

  • A. 62oC
  • B. 65oC
  • C. 48oC
  • D. 55oC

296. An iron steam pipe is 200ft long at 0degC. What will its increase in length when heated to 100degC? Coefficient of linear expansion is 10x10^-6 ft/degC

  • A. 0.18ft
  • B. 0.12ft
  • C. 0.28ft
  • D. 0.20ft

297. A simple beam 10m long carries a concentrated load of 200kN at the midspan. What is the maximum moment of the beam?

  • A. 250kN-m
  • B. 500kN-m
  • C. 400kN-m
  • D. 100kN-m

298. a beam supported at both ends and carrying a uniformly distributed load:

  • A. has its maximum bending moment at the supports
  • B. has its maximum shear at the center of the beam
  • C. has its maximum shear at the supports
  • D. has uniform shear throughout the length of the beam

299. A simply supported beam 10m long carries a uniformly distributed load of 20kN/m. What is the value of the maximum shear of the beam due to this load?

  • A. 250kN
  • B. 100kN
  • C. 1000kN
  • D. 500kN

300. A simply supported beam, 10m long carries a uniformly distributed load of 20kN/m. What is the value of the maximum moment of the beam due to this load?

  • A. 10,000kN-m
  • B. 5,000kN-m
  • C. 2,000kN-m
  • D. 250kN-m

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