MCQs in Satellite Communications Part VII - Answers

Answers key for the Compiled MCQs in Satellite Communications Part 7 of the series as one topic in Electronic System and Technologies (Communications Engineering) in the ECE Board Exam.

Answers in Satellite Communications  - MCQs Part VII

Below are the answers key for the Multiple Choice Questions in Satellite Communications - MCQs Part 7.

301. Geosynchronous satellites require higher transmit powers and more sensitive receivers because of the longer distances and greater path loss.

302. 100 – 300 mi; 17,500 mi/hr; 1 ½ hr, and ¼ or less per orbit, respective

303. spinners and three-axis stabilizer satellites

304. All of these

305. Geostationary satellite

306. High-altitude satellites (geosynchronous orbit)

307. Equatorial orbit

308. All are correct

309. Rotation that takes over the north and south poles, and any other orbital path, respectively

310. Apogee and perigee, respectively

311. Line of apsides

312. Descending node and ascending node, respectively

313. Line of nodes

314. Azimuth

315. A or C is right

316. From 1 GHz up to 30 GHz

317. Transponder

318. By using different carrier frequencies

319. All of the above

320. Uplink and downlink, respectively

321. A and B are correct

322. All of these

323. All of the above

324. All of these are correct

325. A or C is right

326. Using small on-board rocket trusters

327. Power subsystem

328. By a bank of batteries whose charge is maintained by an array of solar cells

329. About 150 W

330. Increases

331. Repeater

332. Transponder

333. Geostationary orbit

334. Gravitational pull and inertia

335. 22,300 mi

336. 3 GHz to 30 GHz

337. Solar cells

338. Apogee

339. During eclipse periods

340. Telemetry, tracking, and command subsystem

341. Spin

342. Maintain altitude

343. C and Ku

344. Frequency reuse

345. 500 MHz

346. Modulator

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