MCQs in Fiber Optics Communications Part VI - Answers

Answers key for the Compiled MCQs in Fiber Optics Communications Part 6 of the series as one topic in Electronic System and Technologies (Communications Engineering) in the ECE Board Exam.

Answers in Fiber Optics Communications - MCQs Part VI

Below are the answers key for the Multiple Choice Questions in Fiber Optics Communications - MCQs Part 6.

251. liquid lasers

252. 1.3 micrometer

253. solid lasers

254. semiconductor lasers

255. consumer TV

256. greater than

257. 1:10

258. refraction

259. single-mode graded-index

260. dB/km

261. 2 km

262. situations in which cost of equipment is not a factor

263. modal dispersion

264. glass

265. cladding

266. less

267. lower cost

268. 70 percent of the core diameter and 70% of the fiber NA should be filled with light.

269. wider bandwidth

270. x-rays

271. 400 to 750 nm

272. 2 to 15 micrometer

273. bending of light

274. 50/125/0.2

275. multimode step-index

276. the total power available minus the attenuation losses

277. step index

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