MCQs in Digital and Data Communication Networks Part VI - Answers

Answers key for the Compiled MCQs in Digital and Data Communication Networks Part 6 of the series as one topic in Electronic System and Technologies (Communications Engineering) in the ECE Board Exam.

Answers in Digital Communication Networks - MCQs Part VI

Below are the answers key for the Multiple Choice Questions in Digital and Data Communication Networks - MCQs Part 6.

251. Return to zero

252. Any of these

253. Any of these

254. Combo chip

255. Message channel

256. Group

257. Baseband

258. U600

259. Wave division multiplexing

260. AND gates

261. bandpass filters

262. share a common bandwidth

263. VCO

264. twin lead

265. star

266. 900

267. sync pulse

268. companding

269. The bit rate may be greater than the baud rate

270. Flow control

271. Bit-oriented protocol

272. Routers

273. Resolution

274. Radio channel

275. SONET

276. dividing pulse widths

277. Overload distortion

278. development of the transistor

279. requiring no part of the signal to be transmitted

280. The BPSK signal itself

281. all of these

282. modulates the main carrier

283. Amplitude Shift Keying (ASK)

284. FSK

285. 11 Mbps

286. u-law companding

287. protocol

288. block check character

289. Sending multiple signals simultaneously over a single channel

290. bit rate is greater than baud

291. Squaring loop

292. equal

293. SSB

294. constellation diagram

295. they are converted to analog first

296. FM

297. take turns transmitting

298. information theory

299. Vertical redundancy check

300. Telemetry

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