Electronics Engineering Review Materials: Section 1 Module 24

This is the Section 1 Module 24 of the compiled Electronics Review Materials taken from different sources including but not limited to Electronics books, past Board Exams Questions, Journals and the Internet.

Electronics Review Materials: Section 1 Module 24

This is the Section 1 Module 24 of the compiled Electronics Review Materials taken from different sources including but not limited to Electronics books, past Board Exams Questions, Journals and the Internet. This particular reviewer in Electronics Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Electronics Engineering Reviewers: Section 1 Module 24

1. In an RC coupled class A amplifier

- ac loadline is steeper than ac loadline

2. The movable arm attraction-type relay is called

- armature

3. When the collector current of a transistor is zero, the transistor is

- cut-off region

4. The polarity of an induced voltage is determined by

- Lenz law

5. The equivalent series resistance of a capacitor is ideally

- zero

6. When using ohmmeter, to measure the continuity of a wire,the resistance should be for faulty (open) wire

- zero for good wire, infinite

7. Differentiator has a circuit of which the

- output is proportional to change in input

8. Integrator is a circuit of which the

- output changes original voltage with new change in voltage

9. Which transistor configuration hybrid parameter is usually specified by the manufacturer

- common emitter

10. The induced voltage in the inductor

- leads the current by 90°

11. If an OP AMP, open loop voltage gain is 100,000, the voltage gain at the open loop cut-off frequency is


12. In MOSFET, it is the foundation upon which the circuit is constructed or formed from a silicon base

- substrate

13. The magnetic field surrounding a solenoid

- like a permanent magnet

14. Which of the following material is non-magnetic

(wood, plastic, glass)

- all of the above

15. A voltage follower is

(low output impedance, high input impedance, voltage gain of 1)

- all of the above

16. What FET in which the gate electrode consist of a PN junction


17. Transformer cannot be used as

- to step up or down of dc

18. The current that flows in a channel of a JFET when the gate-source voltage is zero

- Drain-saturation current

19. Which of the following cell is secondary cell

- lead-acid

20. FET that has a substate


- all of the above

21. Efficiency of a series fed class A amplifier


22. Highest gain of OP AMP

- Open loop gain

23. Highest cross sectional area

- AWG #12

24. When increasing the frequency of 500Hz to two octaves corresponds to

2 KHz

25. To minimize arcing, resistance should be added to reduce the current in

- armature winding

26. A 2200 uF, with a voltage rating of 35V is likely to be a/an

- electrolytic capacitor

27. In class B amplifier, the operating or Q point is at

- cut-off

28. Output complementary stage of OP AMP

- common collector

29. Open fuse has a resistance value approaches

- infinity

30. The output of an unfiltered half wave/full wave rectifier

- pulsating dc

31. The best way to bias a transistor amplifier

- diode bias

32. What type of meter is used to measure ac current without breaking/opening the circuit

- amp clamp probe

33. A transistor in which one or both electrodes are created by diffusion

- diffused transistor

34. A comparator does not uses

- negative feedback

35. Emitter dc current of transistor in differential amplifier

1/2 of tail current

36. What will happen to the gain of amplifier when used in high frequency

- it will decrease

37. What will happen to the leakage current when reverse current increases

- increase exponentially

38. Typical value of forward voltage of LED


39. Which has higher resistance, 10 MΩ DOM or 500 kΩ/volt rating analog VOM

- analog VOM

40. To make the commercial magnet last indefinitely

it must not be subjected to (high temp., physical shock, strong demagnetizing force)

- all of the above

41. The orientation of magnetic field in vertical wire

- like that of permanent magnets

42. The base of BJT serves what purpose in FET

- gate

43. Swamping resistor in common emitter -

44. Which has unity voltage gain

- common collector

45. Disadvantage of common base

- low input impedance

46. Input stage of 741 OP AMP

- differential amplifier

47. Output stage in every OP AMP

- push pull amp

48. Open loop gain of 741 OP AMP


49. What current flows when VG=0

- source-drain current

50. What is the value of VD when ID=0

- equal to pitch-off voltage

51. Bridge where there are diodes in 2 arms and resistor in the other

- Half bridge

52. Must be consider when diode is used in high ac voltage

- average resistance

53. Phase angle of the high pass filter at passband frequency


54. Value of by pass capacitor must be consider for the Xc

- one tenth or less of the parallel  resistance at the lowest frequency to be bypassed

55. Typical value of semiconductor resistivity

10 to 104

56. Which has negative temperature coefficient?

- carbon

57. Lowest output impedance

- common collector

58. FET with gate P-N junction


59. A semiconductor device, a p-n junction formed by alloying a suitable material such as indium with the semiconductor

- alloy junction

60. Capacitor which explodes with wrong polarity

- aluminum electrolytic

61. When the secondary winding is shorted

- increase primary winding inductance

62. Circuit which uses capacitor

- clamper

63. In DPST, how many terminals should be solder


64. Internal resistance of voltmeter

- very high

65. Comparator that uses positive feedback

- Schmitt trigger

66. Input impedance of MOSFET

- higher than JFET

67. In solving thevenin’s resistance,

- short all sources

68. What happen in DC series motor if the load release

- motor overspeed

69. How many equations made with 2 principal nodes?


70. Which has highest leakage current?

- electrolytic

71. left hand rule for solenoid

- the left hand encircles the coil in the direction of electron flow, then the thumb points to north pole

72. equivalent circuit of triac

- 2 parallel SCR

73. diac is

- two terminal, bidirectional switch

74. output of C-size alkaline cell

- 1.5V

75. combination of many diode in a single housing

- diode array

76. drain and source can be interchange

- symmetrical JFET

77. Emitter follower is also called as

- common collector

78. In residential house wiring, the color of hot wire

- red and black

79. For best results, time constant in RC filter should be

- long

80. Inconvenient and time consuming in troubleshooting

- current measurement

81. What is slew rate?

- maximum rate at which voltage in op amp

82. Amplifier use in pulse operation

- class D

83. When the base-emitter is forward biased and base-collector is forward biased

- cut-off

84. Decrease of gain in increasing frequency

- roll- off

85. Main difference of BJT and FET

- BJT is current controlled while FET is voltage controlled

86. What FET originally has no current?


87. The induced voltage in solenoid

- leads the current

88. The curve of current vs. Voltage in specific temperature

- characteristic curve

89. When multiplying complex number in polar form

- multiply the magnitude and add the angles

90. Commonly used in emergency equipment batteries

- silver zinc cells

91. Increasing size of electrode -

increases rin of the resistance

92. When discharging, hydrogen are attracted in the anode of the primary cell due to

- negative charge caused by a loss of electrons

Section 1 Modules: Reviewers in Electronic Engineering

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