Electronics Engineering Review Materials: Section 1 Module 22

This is the Section 1 Module 22 of the compiled Electronics Review Materials taken from different sources including but not limited to Electronics books, past Board Exams Questions, Journals and the Internet.

Electronics Review Materials: Section 1 Module 22

This is the Section 1 Module 22 of the compiled Electronics Review Materials taken from different sources including but not limited to Electronics books, past Board Exams Questions, Journals and the Internet. This particular reviewer in Electronics Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Electronics Engineering Reviewers: Section 1 Module 22

1. Line Regulation can be determined :

- When changes in output voltage and input voltage

2. Ideally midrange in amplifier:

- Remains constant with frequency

3. A voltage occurs between anode and cathode of an SCR is called:

- Holding Voltage

4. An LED

- Emits light when forward biased

5. Typical range of power dissipation for a semiconductor to be considered as “low power” or “small signal”

- Less than 1 watt

6. A semiconductor that is rare and in a minute quantity of many metal sulphide

- Germanium

7. A PUT

- Is triggered on and off by gate to anode voltage

8. A colpitts, Hartley, Clapp

- LC oscillator

9. A term pole in filter terminology is:

- Single RC circuit

10. Compare the visible red LED to infrared LED

- IR led produce longer wavelength

11. A transistor operating in high switching circuit, the most important factor to be considered is:

- Reverse recovery time

12. When the two inputs of multiplier that combined together, the device operates as:

- Squaring circuit

13. In order to use JFET as variable resistor:

- Biased in ohmic region

14. A sallen key filter

- A second order filter

15. Max efficiency of Class A power amplifier:

- 25%

16. In differentiator, the feedback element is:

- Resistor

17. Among a given semiconductor below, which has the highest mobility?

- Indium Antimonide

18. A semiconductor that is good for high-temperature applications

- Silicon Carbide

19. In 0 level detector, the output changes when the input

- Crosses zero

20. In a moving coil ammeter, a _______ must be in series in a coil to compensate temperature variation

- Swamping resistor

21. Developed UNIVAC and ENIAC

- Presper Eckert and John Mauchly

22. UNIVAC was created in

- Pennsylvania

23. A negative resistance characteristic diode

- Tunnel diode

24. A pass transistor in a voltage regulator

- Used to increase current the regulator can handle

25. In amplifier, the gain between upper and lower critical frequency is called:

- Critical frequency gain

26. A D-MOSFET is used in

- Both enhancement and depletion mode

27. The number of logic gates of the same family that can be connected to the input of a particular gate without degrading the circuit performance

- Fan-in

28. The electrons of a copper atom contains

- 29

29. In amplitude modulation, the pattern produced in the peak carrier signal is

- Envelope

30. OTA is primarily a

- Voltage to current amplifier

31. A Wien bridge oscillator is used in

- Positive feedback

32. A peak current of a Class A amplifier power amplifier delivers on a load depends on

- Quiescent current

33. A programmable manipulator that moves a part, material, device

- Industrial robot

34. If the input is a rectangular pulse, the output of an integrator is a

- Ramp

35. A condition for oscillation

- Phase shift in positive feedback loop is 1

36. Load regulation

- When load changes, the output voltage is constant

37. Line regulation

- When input current changes, the output voltage stays constant

38. A 9 address input, how many memory storage location

- 512

39. A LAN in which each user’s computer stores its own data is called

- Peer-to-peer LAN

40. When using negative feedback in op-amp the gain-bandwidth product

- Stays the same

41. How much impurity concentration is needed for a sample of silicon to charge its electrical property from a poor conductor to a good conductor

- One part per million

42. All MOS devices are subject to damage from

- Excessive heat

- Electrostatic damage

- Excessive voltage

43. Typically the energy required for valence electron to move to conduction band, for a doped semiconductor

0.05 eV

44. The input Miller capacitances of an amplifier is dependent, in part, on

- The voltage gain

45. An infrared LED is optically coupled by photodiode, when LED is turn off, the ammeter in series with the reverse biased photodiode is

- Decrease

46. When the angle of incidence of light ray is greater than the critical angle, the light is

- Reflected

47. An instrument that used the force of repulsion between fixed and movable magnetized iron vane or a force between a coil and pivoted vane shape of soft iron that moves indicating pointer

- Vain – type instrument

48. A specified type of holding current for an SCR means that

- The device will turn off when the anode current falls from this value

49. The IF in a receiver is

- The difference between the local frequency oscillator and RF carrier frequency

50. In an AM demodulator basically

- Linear multiplier followed by low pass filter

51. In a scaling Adder, the input resistances are

- Proportional to each weight of its input

52. The lower critical frequency of a low pass filter is

- 0 kHz

53. To stop conducting during an SCR is also conducting

- Interrupt anode current

54. An op-amp that operates in single ended differentiator mode

- One input is in the ground and the signal is to other

55. A state variable filter is

- Summing amplifier and two integrators

56. A certain common source amplifier has a voltage of 10. If the source bypass capacitor is removed

- The voltage gain will decrease

57. In which trigger diode has the highest holding voltage

- Bidirectional trigger diac

58. E- MOSFET used in high switching application because of

- Threshold characteristic

59. In which bipolar logic circuit is the faster?


60. In an AM receiver, the local oscillator always produce frequency above incoming RF by

- 455 kHz

61. For maximum output, class A power amplifier maintain a value of quiescent current

- One half the peak load current

62. A condition for oscillation

- Phase shift around the feedback loop of 0 degree

63. Second condition of oscillation

- A gain of 1 around the feedback loop

64. In a switching regulator, the control transistor is conducting

- Part of the time

65. In a linear regulator, the control transistor is conducting

- All of the time

66. AN OTA, transconductance is controlled by

- Bias current

67. When diodes operates forward biased

- The current produced both by holes and electrons

68. In many stage isolation amplifier are connected by

- A capacitor

69. In logic circuitry, diode is the logic element and the transistor acts as inverting amplifier


70. The two inputs of a mixer

- The modulated carrier signal and the local oscillator signal

71. A semiconductor which commonly used near infrared

- Germanium

72. A peak detector consists of

- Comparator, diode and capacitor

73. The complete diode model

- Barrier potential, reverse resistance and dynamic forward resistance are taken into account

74. Compared, incandescent bulb from high intensity LED

- Longer life, less power and brighter

75. Compared oscillator from amplifier, oscillator is

- Requires no input signal

76. Advantage of OLED from conventional LED

- Both uses organic element in place of a PN-junction and can implemented by the use of Inkjet printing

77. The sampling circuit samples a signal at a minimum of

- Twice of the input of the signal

78. The zero level detector use as

- Comparator

79. In order to handle all combinations of input voltage polarities, the multiplier must have

- Four quadrant capability

80. A silicon diode which is open, DMM generally indicates

- 0L

81. In DMM, an open transistor PN junction

- 0L

82. Next to holding interval is______interval in an automatic welding system

- Release

83. In a high pass

- Above the critical frequency

84. An output bounding in comparator

- Limits the output levels

85. Main feature of crystal oscillator

- Stability

86. An N- channel D – MOSFET with positive VGS operating in

- Enhancement mode

87. At cut-off JFET channel

- Completely closed by depletion region

88. In voltage approximation, the forward biased based emitter voltage is

0.7 V

89. When the silicon diode run in forward biased, the DMM reading is

- Approximately by 0.7 V

90. Binary sequence

- Binary Counter

91. Precise frequency and phase usually over wide range

- Signal generator

Section 1 Modules: Reviewers in Electronic Engineering

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