Algebra and General Mathematics: Radicals

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Algebra and General Mathematics: Radicals


A radical is an expression of the form n√x which denotes the principal nth root of x.

n√x = x(1/n)


n – index

x – radicand

– radical sign or symbol

in terms of fractional exponent:

n√xm = (n√x)m = xm/n


1. n√xm = (n√x)m
      2. n√x ·n√y = n√(xy)
                       3. (n√x) / (n√y) = n√(x/y), y ≠ 0
  4. m√(n√x) = mn√x
5. (n√x)n = x
                6. (n√xn) = | x |, (n = even)

              (n√xn) = x, (n = odd)

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