Solution: Evaluate: lim┬(x→1)⁡〖(2-x)^tan⁡〖πx/2〗 〗

Evaluate: lim┬(x→1)⁡〖(2-x)^tan⁡〖πx/2〗 〗. How to evaluate limit using L'Hospital's Rule?

Evaluate: lim┬(x→1)⁡〖(2-x)^tan⁡〖πx/2〗  〗

Problem Statement: ECE Board November 1994

Evaluate: lim┬(x→1)⁡〖(2-x)^tan⁡〖πx/2〗 〗
  • A. e
  • B. e2/π
  • C. 0
  • D. α

Problem Answer:

The limit is equal to e2/π


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