Solution: Differentiate y = e^x cos⁡〖x^2 〗

Differentiate y = e^x cos⁡〖x^2 〗. How to find the derivative using the product rule involving exponential and trigonometric functions?

Differentiate y = e^x  cos⁡〖x^2 〗

Problem Statement: EE Board October 1997

Differentiate y = e^x cos⁡〖x^2 〗
  • A. –ex sin x2
  • B. ex (cos x2 – 2x sin x2)
  • C. ex cos x2 – 2x sin x2
  • D. -2xex sin x

Problem Answer:

The derivative is equal to y^'=e^x (cos⁡〖x^2 〗-2x sin⁡〖x^2 〗 )


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