MCQs in Special-Purpose Op-Amp Circuits - Answers

Answers key for the MCQs in Special-Purpose Op-Amp Circuits from the book Electronic Devices - Electron Flow Version and Conventional Current Version 8th Edition by Thomas L. Floyd.

Answers in Special-Purpose Op-Amp Circuits

Below are the answers key for the Multiple Choice Questions (Quiz) in Special-Purpose Op-Amp Circuits .

1. C. emitter-collector

2. C. diode or BJT

3. C. both of the above

4. D. the input, output, and power supply stages of an isolation amplifier are all electrically isolated from each other

5. D. all of the above

6. A. current to the input voltage.

7. B. power to which the base must be raised to get that number.

8. C. the log region between 0 V and 0.7 V

9. B. large voltages are compressed more than small voltages.

10. A. remains constant when the load resistance changes.

11. C. proportional output voltage for a variable input current.

12. C. an instrumentation amplifier.

13. B. a constant-current source.

14. D. an isolation amplifier.

15. A. an antilog amplifier.

16. C. high, high

17. B. b

18. A. a

19. D. d

20. C. c

21. A. instrumentation

22. B. small, large

23. A. high CMRR

24. A. instrumentation

25. C. resistor.

26. B. isolation

27. D. all of the above

28. B. voltage, current

29. D. either a diode or a BJT

30. A. log


1. A. True

2. B. False

3. B. False

4. A. True

5. A. True

6. A. True

7. B. False

8. B. False

9. B. False

10. B. False

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