Communications Engineering Coaching Materials: Section 4 Module 5

This is the Section 4 Module 5 of the compiled Communications Coaching Materials taken from different sources including but not limited to Communications books, past Board Exams Questions, Journals and the Internet.

Communications Coaching Materials: Section 4 Module 5

This is the Section 4 Module 5 of the compiled Communications Coaching Materials taken from various sources including but not limited to past Board Examination Questions in Electronic System and Technologies (EST), Communications Books, Journals and other Communications References. This particular Coaching Notes in Communications Engineering has random Questions and Answers in random topics. Make sure to familiarize each questions to increase the chance of passing the ECE Board Exam.

Communications Engineering Coaching: Section 4 Module 5

Mobile Switching Center

Base station to telephone Central Office

Modal noise

Interference due to different modes

MOSFET transistor

High reliability for power amplification in TV

Move the feed

To eliminate the feed horn


What video standard deals with low data rate video such as are often found in CDROMs, and on the internet?


Broadcaster's Choice


The current digital video specification that used video compression

MPEG 4 and MPEG 7



Silica Waveguides where the diameter is smaller than the transmitted light.

Narrow viewing angle

Disadvantage of using LED

Near field communication

Short range communication for devices within 10cm to 4in

Network Layer

Routing selectivity

Not Fast ATM


Not standardized by 802.11b


Number Record Printer

May "number" 'to sa tanong

Numerical Aperture


Contributes most in loss


Used in wireless USB

Offset the horn to the center

of the

Eliminate the feedhorn shadow

Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) Protocol

A routing protocol for Internet Protocol (IP) networks. It uses a link state routing algorithm and falls into the group of interior routing protocols, operating within a single autonomous system (AS).

Optical Soliton

a pulse that travels without distortion due to dispersion

Optimal viewing distance

Optimal viewing ratio, preferred viewing distance


Multimode fiber optic cover jacket


A wideband modulation technique used in multiple orthogonal carriers each modulated by pulse and amplitude.

Output Backoff (OBO)

Derated from normal analog …

Output Backoff (OBO)

Most important parameter(?) in digital TV transmitter


Telephone system outside the building

Outside Extension

Separated from main station

Overwritten every 30


In avionics, "black box" is used in navigation for recording purposes. Black box is ____.

Parallelor Flash A/D


A/D conversion use in highspeed application such as video signal processing, medical imaging and radar detection system.

Phase Correction

Correct the phase


A graph showing the sounds of the heart

Physical Layer

Transmission of bits

PolarCoordinate Navigation System

Indicates bearing and distance

Port Operation System

Maritime mobile communication system in or near a port

Port Operations System

Ppicture or Predictive


Motion … and prediction

Production Telecine

Used in production of TV program and commercial

Provides no security since the signal can be easily intercepted

Which is not true about wireless fiber?

Proximity Cards

Generic name for contactless integrated circuit device used as payments

Proximity Cards

used for security access and payment systems


Amplitude and phase modulation


The UTP cable can be determine by cable _______

Radar shadow

Areas covered from radar coverage example hills..

Radiates equally

Why circle?

Radio direction finder indication (RDFI)

Shore effect causes an error in ____.

Reflective Star Coupler

It is the enlarge section of fiber with numerous… on the other end mirrored surface and reflective mechanism on the other end.

Registered Jack

RJ means

Relay Mechanism

Difference between Iridium and Globalstar


Mobile to base station

RG 58/U

Cable wire with highest attenuation at 400 MHz

RG 58/U

Highest attenuation at 400 MHz

Ribbon Cable Design

Also called Loose tube

Ribbon Cable Design

Poorest water blocking capabilities

Ribbon Design

Laid in ribbon of group of 12, 12 meters high

RJ 45

Most commonly used UTP cable


Measure of amount of x ray radiation to create 2.09x10^8 ion pairs at STP

Septate Waveguide

One or more septa

Signal Quality Detector

Pin 21 of RS232

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