Electronics Engineering Mastery Test 8: ECE Pre-Board

Pre-Board Examinations in Electronics Engineering Mastery Test 8 composed of previous Board Exams Questions and/or from related books and resources. Familiarize each and every questions.

Electronics Engineering Exam 8

This is 100 items set of Practice Examination 8 in Electronics Engineering composed of previous Board Exams Questions. Read each questions and choices carefully! Choose the best answer. In the actual board, you have to answer 100 items in Electronics Engineering within 5 hours. You have to get at least 70% to pass the subject. Electronics Engineering is 30% of the total 100% Board Rating along with Mathematics (20%), General Engineering and Applied Sciences (20%) and Electronics Systems and Technology (30%).

Start the Test Yourself Exam 8

Choose the letter of the best answer in each questions.

1. What is a precision piece of test equipment used to compare an unknown voltage with an internal reference voltage and to indicate the difference in their values?

  • A. Integral voltmeter
  • B. Digital voltmeter
  • C. Differential voltmeter
  • D. Comparator

2. What is the primary advantage of power-amplifier transmitters over keyed-oscillator transmitter?

  • A. Frequency stability
  • B. Practicality
  • C. Power capability
  • D. Availability

3. What is the name given to a variety of rotary electromechanical, position sensing devices?

  • A. Sychros
  • B. Servos
  • C. Gyros
  • D. Rotors

4. What is a system in which the precise movement of large load is controlled by a relatively weak control signal?

  • A. Sychro
  • B. Servo
  • C. Gyro
  • D. Rotor

5. What type of capacitor with a usual range in values from 1 picofarad to 0.01 microfarad and may be used with voltages as high as 30,000 volts?

  • A. Mylar
  • B. Paper capacitor
  • C. Ceramic capacitor
  • D. Electrolytic capacitor

6. A material that removes oxides from surfaces to be joined by soldering or welding

  • A. Sandpaper
  • B. Rust converter
  • C. Acid
  • D. Flux

7. What type of radar transmitter power is measured over a period of time?

  • A. Average power
  • B. Peak envelope power (PEP)
  • C. RMS power
  • D. Apparent power

8. What is a mechanical device containing a spinning mass that is universally mounted?

  • A. Sychro
  • B. Servo
  • C. Gyroscope
  • D. Rotor

9. What type of tube best meets the requirements of a modulator switching element?

  • A. Thyratron
  • B. Klystron
  • C. Magnetron
  • D. TWT

10. In what manner are current-measuring instruments connected to a circuit?

  • A. Series-parallel
  • B. Series
  • C. Parallel-series
  • D. Parallel

11. What refers to the ability of a gyro to keep its axis fixed in space?

  • A. Precession
  • B. Stability
  • C. Rigidity
  • D. Flexibility

12. Most meggers you will use are rated at what voltage?

  • A. 1000
  • B. 100
  • C. 300
  • D. 500

13. Power transformer normally operates at ___ alternating current.

  • A. 60 Hz or 400 Hz
  • B. 30 Hz or 60 Hz
  • C. 60 Hz or 50 Hz
  • D. 60 Hz or 120 Hz

14. What type of maintenance is used to isolate troubles by means of test techniques and practices that realign or readjust equipment or otherwise bring the equipment back up to proper performance?

  • A. Maintenance
  • B. Preventive maintenance
  • C. Corrective and preventive
  • D. Corrective maintenance

15. The magnesium-manganese dioxide cell has a voltage of approximately how many volts?

  • A. 2 V
  • B. 1.5 V
  • C. 1.2 V
  • D. 1.35 V

16. In a gyro, a vector representing the rotary motion applied to change the direction of the rotor axis is called ___.

  • A. Torque vector
  • B. Rotary vector
  • C. Horizontal vector
  • D. Torque gyro

17. The strength of the magnetic field of the coils is dependent upon

a. The number of turns of the wire in the coil

b. The amount of current in the coil

c. The ratio of the coil length to the coil width

d. The type of material in the core

  • A. A, B and C
  • B. A,B,C and D
  • C. B,C and D
  • D. D, A and C

18. What is the frequency range of magnetron oscillator?

  • A. 600 to 30 GHz
  • B. 600 to 30 THz
  • C. 600 to 30 MHz
  • D. 600 to 30 PHz

19. Which of the basic timing circuits produces sharp trigger pulses directly?

  • A. 555 timer
  • B. Pulsed oscillator
  • C. Blocking oscillator
  • D. Keyed oscillator

20. When taking resistance reading with a VOM, you will obtain the most accurate readings at or near what part of the scale?

  • A. Midscale
  • B. End scale
  • C. Full scale
  • D. Quarter scale

21. Medium 1 range is designed to check what resistance values?

  • A. 10 to 50 kΩ
  • B. 100 to 500 kΩ
  • C. 50 to 10 kΩ
  • D. 10 to 1000 kΩ

22. What does the Greek word “gyro” means?

  • A. Revolution
  • B. Rotation
  • C. Cycle
  • D. Spin

23. What maximum voltage level can be attained in the pulse generator section by adjusting the LEVEL control?

  • A. 2.5 V
  • B. 10 V
  • C. 1.5 V
  • D. 5 V

24. What frequencies are provided through the back-panel BNC?

  • A. 1 MHz and 10 MHz
  • B. 10 MHz and 15 MHz
  • C. 5 MHz and 10 MHz
  • D. 20 MHz and 30 MHz

25. What is the direction of the magnetic field around a vertical conductor when the current flows upward?

  • A. Counterclockwise
  • B. Forward
  • C. Backward
  • D. Clockwise

26. What term is used to describe the ability of a radar system to distinguish between targets that are close together?

  • A. Target marking
  • B. Target resolution
  • C. Target locking
  • D. Target range

27. What is the typical frequency range about the center frequency of a tunable magnetron?

  • A. ± 5 %
  • B. ± 1 %
  • C. ± 10 %
  • D. ± 15 %

28. The maximum voltage that can be steadily applied to the capacitor without the capacitor breaking down (shorting) is called ___ of the capacitor.

  • A. Safe voltage
  • B. Working voltage
  • C. Breakdown voltage
  • D. Dielectric voltage

29. What refers to the number of axes about which a gyro is free to process?

  • A. Gyroscopic axis
  • B. Freedom axis
  • C. Degree of freedom
  • D. Axis of space

30. What type of switches is used as duplexers?

  • A. Mechanical
  • B. Electrical
  • C. Electronics
  • D. Digital

31. In a dc position servo system, the _____ and _____ of a dc error signal respectively are used to determine the amount and direction the load will be driven?

  • A. amplitude, polarity
  • B. polarity, phase
  • C. amplitude, frequency
  • D. polarity, frequency

32. What rule is used to determine the polarity of a coil when the direction of the electron current flow in the coil is known?

  • A. use the left-hand rule for coils
  • B. use the right-hand rule for coils
  • C. use the cork-screw rule for coils
  • D. either the right or left hand rules for coils

33. What radar subsystem supplies timing signals to coordinate the operation of the complete system?

  • A. Synchronizer
  • B. Transmitter
  • C. Duplexer
  • D. Diplexer

34. In what direction will a gyro precess in response to an outside force?

  • A. perpendicular to the force
  • B. parallel to the force
  • C. forward direction
  • D. reverse direction

35. What is the power source of synchros?

  • A. DC
  • B. Generator
  • C. AC
  • D. DC/AC

36. A carbon resistor has a resistance of 50 ohms and a tolerance of 5 percent. What are the colors of bands one, two, three and four, respectively?

  • A. green, green, black and gold
  • B. green, black, green and gold
  • C. green, black, black and gold
  • D. green, green, brown and gold

37. What is the resistance of one unit of volume of a substance?

  • A. specific resistance
  • B. intrinsic resistance
  • C. resistivity
  • D. both A and C

38. A chart used to find the time constant of a circuit if the impressed voltage and the values of R and C or R and L are known.

  • A. UTC chart
  • B. Transient chart
  • C. Resonance chart
  • D. Either B or C

39. What type of capacitor is made of flat thin strips of metal foil conductors that are separated by waxed paper (the dielectric material)?

  • A. ceramic capacitor
  • B. mylar capacitor
  • C. paper capacitor
  • D. electrolytic

40. The working voltage of a _____ capacitor rarely exceeds 600 volts.

  • A. paper
  • B. ceramic
  • C. electrolytic
  • D. mica

41. What is the main advantage of a series motor?

  • A. high torque (turning force) at low speed
  • B. low torque (turning force) at low speed
  • C. high torque (turning force) at high speed
  • D. low torque (turning force) at low speed

42. What is the electrolyte of a lead-acid cell?

  • A. sulfuric acid
  • B. hydrochloric acid
  • C. sulfuric acid and water
  • D. hydroxide

43. In what year did Leon Foucault coin the word gyroscope?

  • A. 1950
  • B. 1952
  • C. 1850
  • D. 1852

44. What is a rotary, electromechanical device used to perform trigonometric computations by varying the magnetic couplings between its primary and secondary windings?

  • A. revolver
  • B. rotor
  • C. circulator
  • D. gyroscope

45. What is the electrolyte of a nicad cell?

  • A. potassium hydroxide and water
  • B. hydrochloric acid and water
  • C. sulfuric and water
  • D. hydroxide and water

46. What is the stationary member of a synchro that consists of a cylindrical structure of a slotted laminations on which three Y-connected coils are wound with their axes 120 apart?

  • A. revolver
  • B. rotor
  • C. stator
  • D. gyroscope

47. What is the process of adjusting a synchro to its electrical zero position?

  • A. initializing
  • B. zeroing
  • C. setting
  • D. starting

48. A synthetic mixture of rosins that is flexible and used as an insulating material. Generally used as an insulator for low- and medium-range voltages.

  • A. Teflon
  • B. PE
  • C. PVC
  • D. Thermoplastic

49. A step-transmitter is a modification of what electrical device?

  • A. rotary switch
  • B. stepper rotor
  • C. mechanical switch
  • D. stepper transformer

50. In the ac position servo system, the _____ and _____ of the ac error signal determine the amount and direction the load will be driven.

  • A. amplitude, polarity
  • B. polarity, phase
  • C. amplitude, phase
  • D. polarity, frequency

51. What is(are) the general source(s) of mechanical drift?

  • A. unbalance
  • B. inertia of Gimbals
  • C. bearing friction
  • D. all of the choices

52. What are the three types of nonmetallic insulating materials that can be used in a

high-temperature environments?

  • A. FEP
  • B. silicone rubber
  • C. extruded polytetrafluoroethylene
  • D. all of the choices

53. In what directions will the compass needle point when the compass is placed in the magnetic field surrounding a wire?

  • A. the south pole of the compass will point in the direction of the magnetic lines of force
  • B. the north pole of the compass will point in the direction of the current
  • C. the south pole of the compass will point in the direction of the current
  • D. the north pole of the compass will point in the directions of the magnetic lines of force

54. What are used when power form a conventional servo amplifier is too small to drive large servo motors (either ac or dc)?

  • A. power amplifiers
  • B. prime movers
  • C. magnetic amplifiers
  • D. additional servo amplifiers

55. The amount of precession that results from a given force is determined by what quantity?

  • A. elasticity
  • B. rigidity
  • C. flexibility
  • D. viscousity

56. The IC synchros or Interior Communication synchros are sometimes called as _____.

  • A. reverse synchros
  • B. forward synchros
  • C. flexible synchros
  • D. fixed synchros

57. What factors determine the rigidity of a gyro?

  • A. rotor speed
  • B. shape
  • C. weight
  • D. all of the choices

58. What is the capacity of the battery for a specific rate of discharge?

  • A. rating
  • B. cycling
  • C. discharging
  • D. battery life

59. The motions of a gyroscope can be analyzed in accordance to what basic quantity(ies)?

  • A. spin
  • B. precession
  • C. torque
  • D. all of the choices

60. How are servo systems classified?

  • A. according to their functions
  • B. according to their sizes
  • C. according to their weights
  • D. according to their load capacity

61. Which of the following is (are) the form(s) of servo systems?

  • A. electromechanical
  • B. hydraulic
  • C. pneumatic
  • D. all of the choices

62. What is another name for a servo system?

  • A. closed-loop control system
  • B. digital control system
  • C. analog control system
  • D. open-loop control system

63. The noise signal can cause _____ to the servo system and must be eliminated.

  • A. damage
  • B. error
  • C. malfunctions
  • D. roughness

64. What is combined with the error signal in the proper ratio to obtain the desired servo operation with reduced overshooting and minimum time tag?

  • A. correction voltage
  • B. swamp voltage
  • C. feedback voltage
  • D. trigger voltage

65. What are the major differences of the dc rate generator and the dc generator?

  • A. size
  • B. load
  • C. prime mover
  • D. both A and C

66. What is the Barkhausen criteria for sustained oscillations?

  • A. Aβ = 1
  • B. Aβ = -1
  • C. Aβ = 0
  • D. β = 1/Aβ

67. What is the cathode of a lead-acid cell?

  • A. sponge lead
  • B. lead peroxide
  • C. sulfuric acid and water
  • D. hydroxide

68. What is a Miller integrator?

  • A. sweep generator
  • B. function generator
  • C. low distortion audio generator
  • D. RF generator

69. What system provides instant response to an error signal but results in the load oscillating about the point of synchronization?

  • A. overdamped system
  • B. critically damped system
  • C. underdamped system
  • D. all of the choices

70. What are the ways to prevent polarization?

  • A. vent the cell
  • B. use a material that will absorb hydrogen
  • C. add a material rich in oxygen
  • D. all of the choices

71. What is the simplest form of damping?

  • A. overdamping
  • B. underdamping
  • C. error-rate damping
  • D. friction clutch damping

72. What is the production of hydrogen gas caused by a portion of the charge current breaking down the water in the electrolyte?

  • A. charging
  • B. gassing
  • C. condensing
  • D. evaporating

73. What is the most suitable oscillator circuit for generating 1 MHz?

  • A. Colpitt’s oscillator
  • B. Hartley oscillator
  • C. tuned collector oscillator
  • D. Wien bridge oscillator

74. A circuit has a source voltage of 100 volts and two 50-ohm resistors connected in series. If the reference point for this circuit is placed between the two resistors, what would be the voltage at the reference point?

  • A. 10 V
  • B. 40 V
  • C. 30 V
  • D. 50 V

75. What amplifiers are biased so that collector current is zero (cutoff) for a portion of one alternation of the input signal?

  • A. class AB
  • B. class A
  • C. class C
  • D. class B

76. What amplifiers are biased so that the collector current is cut off during one-half of the input signal?

  • A. class A
  • B. class B
  • C. class C
  • D. class AB

77. What serves as the cathode in a common type of dry cell?

  • A. carbon electrode
  • B. steel cover
  • C. zinc container
  • D. nickel terminal

78. Which of the following types of resistors will overcome the disadvantage of a carbon resistor?

  • A. rheostat
  • B. molded composition
  • C. potentiometer
  • D. wirewound resistor

79. To flush a hydrometer, which of the following liquids should be used?

  • A. sulfuric acid
  • B. salt water
  • C. fresh water
  • D. a solution of baking soda and water

80. The space between and around charged bodies in which their influence is felt. This is also called electric field of force or an electrostatic field.

  • A. magnetic field
  • B. air gap
  • C. free space
  • D. dielectric field

81. What switch is one in which the movement of the switch contacts is relatively independent of the actuator movement?

  • A. fast-acting switch
  • B. knife switch
  • C. snap-acting switch
  • D. toggle switch

82. A _____ is an accurate snap-acting switch and the operating point is preset and very accurately known.

  • A. fast-acting switch
  • B. knife switch
  • C. snap-acting switch
  • D. microswitch

83. The power consumed in a conductor in realigning the atoms which setup the magnetic field is known as what type of loss?

  • A. hysteresis loss
  • B. field loss
  • C. magnetic loss
  • D. heat loss

84. A magnetic shield or screen used to protect a delicate instrument should be made of which of the following materials?

  • A. plastic
  • B. soft iron
  • C. copper
  • D. aluminum

85. The communication stations or terminals in local area network are usually linked by cable and are within ____ feet of each other.

  • A. 1000
  • B. 500
  • C. 1500
  • D. 2000

86. The number of record stored in a record block.

  • A. density
  • B. blocking factor
  • C. capacity
  • D. capability

87. _____ in a dc motor can be accomplished by reversing the field connections or by reversing the armature connections.

  • A. series reversal
  • B. shunt reversal
  • C. armature reaction
  • D. motor reversal

88. What is the distortion of the main field in a motor by the armature field?

  • A. armature distortion
  • B. armature loss
  • C. armature reaction
  • D. armature noise

89. The evaluation of the performance of an equipment compared to your knowledge of how the equipment should operate with the way it is actually performing is known as _____.

  • A. maintenance
  • B. troubleshooting
  • C. test evaluation
  • D. diagnosing

90. What is a data processing system designed to provide a standardized system for the recall and scheduling of test, measurement and diagnostic equipment into calibration facilities?


91. What are the three hazards that could create damage to electrical measuring instrument?

  • A. mechanical shock
  • B. excessive current flow
  • C. exposure to magnetic field
  • D. all of the choices

92. The possibility of electrical shock can be reduce by ensuring all motors, generators and other electronic equipments are at _____.

  • A. reference potential
  • B. ground potential
  • C. 110 V
  • D. 220 V

93. What are the types of power losses in an inductor?

  • A. copper loss
  • B. eddy-current loss
  • C. hysteresis loss
  • D. all of the choices

94. What is the property existing between two coils so positioned that flux from one coil cuts the windings of the other coil?

  • A. coupling
  • B. induction
  • C. mutual inductance
  • D. Faraday’s law

95. When were mnemonic instruction codes and symbolic addresses developed?

  • A. in the early 1950’s
  • B. 1970s
  • C. 1960s
  • D. 1980s

96. If disks are stored horizontally, how many can be stacked?

  • A. no more than 20
  • B. no more than 10
  • C. no more than 30
  • D. no more than 40

97. What is the temperature range within which a disk will operate?

  • A. 10 to 50 degrees Celsius
  • B. 20 to 40 degrees Celsius
  • C. 50 to 100 degrees Celsius
  • D. 10 to 20 degrees Celsius

98. The data cell had a storage capacity of how many characters?

  • A. over 200 million
  • B. over 100 million
  • C. over 50 million
  • D. over 300 million

99. Technological advancement is measured by what, in the electronic computer world?

  • A. generations
  • B. processor speeds
  • C. IC integration
  • D. softwares

100. A set of program instructions, a microprogram, permanently stored in read-only memory.

  • A. OS
  • B. firmware
  • C. BIOS
  • D. Software

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