Electronics Engineering Mastery Test 6: ECE Pre-Board

Pre-Board Examinations in Electronics Engineering Mastery Test 6 composed of previous Board Exams Questions and/or from related books and resources. Familiarize each and every questions.

Electronics Engineering Exam 6

This is 100 items set of Practice Examination 6 in Electronics Engineering composed of previous Board Exams Questions. Read each questions and choices carefully! Choose the best answer. In the actual board, you have to answer 100 items in Electronics Engineering within 5 hours. You have to get at least 70% to pass the subject. Electronics Engineering is 30% of the total 100% Board Rating along with Mathematics (20%), General Engineering and Applied Sciences (20%) and Electronics Systems and Technology (30%).

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Choose the letter of the best answer in each questions.

1. What is anything that has weight had occupied space which may be a solid, liquid or gas?

  • A. Alloy
  • B. Matter
  • C. Amalgam
  • D. Compound

2. What is the capacitive reactance of a 33 microfarad capacitor at 6500 Hz?

  • A. 0.74 ohms
  • B. 7.4 ohms
  • C. 96 ohms
  • D. 1122 ohms

3. Which of the following materials refers to as a recipient of impurity element?

  • A. Phosphorous
  • B. Antimony
  • C. Arsenic
  • D. Gallium

4. In the operation of dry cells, we normally refer to the supply of current to load resistance where its current neutralizes the separated charges at the electrodes.

  • A. Aligning the cells
  • B. Charging the cells
  • C. Discharging the cells
  • D. Polarizing the cells

5. They are special class C amplifiers that are biased at 3 to 10 times the normal cutoff and used to generate frequency that is a harmonic of a lower frequency.

  • A. Frequency generators
  • B. Frequency stabilizers
  • C. Frequency multipliers
  • D. Frequency amplifiers

6. In voltmeter, the purpose of series resistor is to _________.

  • A. increase speed of meter movement
  • B. decrease the current range
  • C. decrease the voltage range
  • D. increase the voltage range

7. ICs that are combinations of monolithic and film of discrete components or any combinations thereof to allow flexibility in circuits.

  • A. Hybrid IC
  • B. Micro IC
  • C. Mixed IC
  • D. Combined IC

8. An instrument used to record the electric potentials associated with the electrical currents that traverse the heart.

  • A. Electrograph
  • B. Electrolysis
  • C. Electroencephalograph
  • D. Electrocardiograph

9. SUBRACT: 11001(subscript 2) – 1001(subscript 2).

  • A. 10001
  • B. 10100
  • C. 10010
  • D. 10000

10. What is the name of an electrode found in a pentode but not in a tetrode?

  • A. Control grid
  • B. Screen grid
  • C. Signal grid
  • D. Suppressor grid

11. What is the magnetic equivalent to electrical voltage?

  • A. Flux
  • B. Reluctance
  • C. Magnetomotive force
  • D. Magnetic field

12. The effect of 60 Hz AC 40-100 mA or DC 160-300 mA on the human body.

  • A. Mascular failure
  • B. Refex action
  • C. Surprise
  • D. Respiratory failure

13. How many junctions are there in a semiconductor diode?

  • A. Two
  • B. One
  • C. None
  • D. Four

14. A transformer composed of two or more coils which are wound around a non metallic core.

  • A. Metallic core transformer
  • B. Free core transformer
  • C. Iron core transformer
  • D. Air core transformer

15. How many half wave rectifiers will make up a half wave voltage doubler?

  • A. 6
  • B. 2
  • C. 8
  • D. 4

16. What materials are meter pointers normally made?

  • A. Copper
  • B. Iron
  • C. Zinc
  • D. Aluminum

17. In NPN transistor, when emitter junction is forward biased and collector junction is reversed biased, the transistor will operate in

  • A. cut off region
  • B. saturation region
  • C. active region
  • D. inverted region

18. An instrument used to detect presence, sign and in some configurations the magnitude of an electric charge by the mutual attraction or repulsion of metal foils or pith balls.

  • A. Electroscope
  • B. Electrometer
  • C. Electron microscope
  • D. Electrograph

19. What is the term we use to refer to the instructions we give a computer to perform?

  • A. Processor
  • B. Program
  • C. Hardware
  • D. Software

20. The total number of magnetic lines force leaving or entering the pole of a magnet.

  • A. Potential field
  • B. Magnetic field
  • C. Magnetic space
  • D. Magnetic flux

21. How do you call an eight element vacuum tube?

  • A. Pentode
  • B. Hexode
  • C. Octode
  • D. Septode

22. What is the lightest kind of atom or element?

  • A. Oxygen
  • B. Hydrogen
  • C. Titanium
  • D. Helium

23. Materials that can be easily magnetized in both direction

  • A. High hysteresis magnetic materials
  • B. Low hysteresis magnetic materials
  • C. Hard magnetic materials
  • D. Soft magnetic materials

24. Which of the following statement is true in semiconductor application?

  • A. An ohmmeter test across a diode shows high resistance in both polarity of test
  • B. An ohmmeter test across the base-collector of a transistor should show high resistance in the opposite polarity
  • C. An ohmmeter test across the base- collector of a transistor should show low resistance for both polarity
  • D. Triac is one direction semiconductor

25. A motor- generator unit in which is built to convert low voltage direct current to high voltage direct current, both use the same field windings and share armature.

  • A. Vibrator
  • B. Dynamotor
  • C. Gen- set
  • D. Electric generator

26. In order to have a good conductor material, such material shall have _____ valence electrons.

  • A. more than ten
  • B. five
  • C. one
  • D. twenty one

27. What causes damped oscillation in oscillator circuits?

  • A. The resistance of the coil and inductor
  • B. Due to time
  • C. The increase in frequency
  • D. The absence of voltage

28. How can electrical current be induced with a coil and a magnet?

  • A. Holding the coil and the magnet perfectly stationary
  • B. Moving either the magnet or the coil
  • C. Placing the coil parallel to the magnetic field
  • D. Placing the coil at right angles with the magnetic field

29. In microelectronics, it reduces weight and eliminates point-to-point wiring

  • A. Harness
  • B. Printed circuit board (PCB)
  • C. Chassis
  • D. Module

30. What is the name given to a synchro system that transmits data at two different speeds?

  • A. Bi- speed synchro system
  • B. Dual or double speed synchro system
  • C. Double- speed synchro system
  • D. Two- speed synchro system

31. A gate that produces an output when it does not receive a pulse

  • A. AND Gate
  • B. NOT Gate
  • C. NAND Gate
  • D. NOR Gate

32. It takes place when armature current causes the armature to become an electromagnet, the armature field disturbing the field from the pole pieces resulting in the shift of the neutral plane in the direction of rotation.

  • A. Motor reaction
  • B. Armature coupling
  • C. Armature de- coupling
  • D. Armature reaction

33. Find the meaning of the term beta cutoff frequency with regard to a bipolar transistor.

  • A. That frequency at which the grounded collector current gained decreased to 0.7 of that obtainable at 1 kHz in a transistor
  • B. That frequency at which the grounded base current gain has decreased to 0.7 of that obtainable at 1 kHz in a transistor
  • C. That frequency at which the grounded emitter current gain has decreased to 0.7 of that obtainable at 1 kHz in a transistor
  • D. That frequency at which the grounded date current gain has decreased to 0.7 of that obtainable at 1 kHz in a transistor

34. It consists of elements inseparably associated and formed on or within a single substrate

  • A. Integrated Circuit (IC)
  • B. Microsoft
  • C. Module
  • D. Micro circuit

35. A system in which the precise movement of a large load is controlled by a relatively weak signal.

  • A. Synchro
  • B. Electro
  • C. Hydraulic
  • D. Servo

36. The phrase which means people acquired enough understanding of common technical terms so they are not intimidated by computer jargon to make better use a home or workplace computer.

  • A. Computer literacy
  • B. Computer know- how
  • C. Computer savvy
  • D. Computer logic

37. A program which is not included in the industrial robot user- program categories is called __________.

  • A. point-to-multipoint programs
  • B. continuous-path programs
  • C. positive-stop programs
  • D. point-to-point programs

38. What instrument is used to measure the direction of earth’s magnetic line of force in respect to the plane of the horizon?

  • A. Inclinometer
  • B. GPS
  • C. Indicator
  • D. Altimeter

39. What is referred to as the variation in output voltages as the load changes expressed as a percentage?

  • A. Voltage regulation
  • B. Voltage variance
  • C. Voltage difference
  • D. Voltage change

40. What type of bias opposes the pn junction barrier?

  • A. No bias
  • B. Reverse bias
  • C. Direct bias
  • D. Forward bias

41. Which of the following refers to electric power?

  • A. Joule
  • B. Walt second
  • C. Volt coulomb
  • D. Volt ampere

42. What is the first mass- produced computer built by Eckert and Mauchly Computer Company in Philadelphia USA in 1950.

  • A. IBM- 701
  • B. CRAY- 1
  • D. ENIAC

43. What is the property of a material which opposes creation of magnetic flux?

  • A. Resistance
  • B. Permeance
  • C. Reluctance
  • D. Conductance

44. What is the first commercial computer that was introduced in 1953 that used values?

  • A. IBM-701
  • B. ENIAC
  • C. IBM-1400

45. What composes all matter whether a liquid, solid or gas?

  • A. Atom
  • B. Electrons
  • C. Protons
  • D. Neutrons

46. A higher- power, lower- frequency diode is normally _____ than low- power high- frequency diode

  • A. larger
  • B. smaller
  • C. heavier
  • D. smoother

47. What does a dynamic memory normally contain?

  • A. Column decoders only
  • B. Row decoders only
  • C. No decoders
  • D. Both column and row decoders

48. What is the term for the number of times per second that a tank circuit energy is stored in the inductor or capacitor?

  • A. Resonant frequency
  • B. Non-resonant frequency
  • C. Circuit frequency
  • D. Broadcast frequency

49. What type of actuator of industrial robots has a great force capability and great holding strength when stopped?

  • A. Pneumatic
  • B. Steam
  • C. Electric
  • D. Hydraulic

50. What is a physical combination of compounds or elements NOT chemically combined that can be separated by physical means?

  • A. Molecule
  • B. Atom
  • C. Substance
  • D. Mixture

51. What is a thin polished slice of a semiconductor crystal on which integrated circuit can be fabricated often in duplicate for cutting into individual dice?

  • A. Silicon
  • B. Indium
  • C. Gallium
  • D. Wafer

52. A scanning device using thin, fan- shaped x-ray beam producing a cross sectional view of tissue within the human body

  • A. Thermograph
  • B. Mamograph
  • C. Computerized Tomography (CT) or Computerized Axial Tomography (CAT)
  • D. Polygraph

53. Which device uses the principle that light striking a PN junction knocks bound electrons out their “sockets” and thus greatly increases the reverse leakage current?

  • A. LED
  • B. Phototransistor
  • C. Thyratron
  • D. All of the above

54. What area of technology is associated with electronic systems designed with extremely small parts or elements?

  • A. Micro- electronics
  • B. Macro- electronics
  • C. Electronic circuits
  • D. Mini- electronics

55. Which of the following statements is not true?

  • A. Edison cell is storage type
  • B. The NiCd cell is primary type
  • C. Output of solar cell is normally 0.5V
  • D. Primary cells can be charged

56. It exists in the space surrounding a magnet

  • A. Magnetic field
  • B. Magnetic pole
  • C. Magnetic space
  • D. Potential space

57. What gyro characteristic for property provides the basis of the operation of a rate gyro?

  • A. Rigidity
  • B. Selectivity
  • C. Precession
  • D. Sensitivity

58. A control synchro device accurately governing some type of power amplifying device that is used to move heavy equipment

  • A. Control transmitter
  • B. Differential transmitter
  • C. Control translator
  • D. Control transformer

59. What is the purpose of the fetch cycle in a computer?

  • A. To obtain instruction
  • B. To obtain input data
  • C. To obtain memory data
  • D. To implement a specific data

60. The process of revising the current flow through the battery to restore the battery to its original condition

  • A. Electrolysis
  • B. Ionization
  • C. Reverse flow
  • D. Battery charge

61. Semi-conductors which are doped with either N or P types of impurities are called ______.

  • A. Intrinsic
  • B. P-type
  • C. Extrinsic
  • D. N-type

62. Which of the basic timing circuits produces sharp trigger pulses directly?

  • A. Blocking circuits
  • B. Integrators
  • C. Astable multi-vibrators
  • D. Differentiators

63. What is a three-terminal resistor with one or more sliding contacts which functions as an adjustable voltage divider?

  • A. Voltage divider
  • B. Rheostat
  • C. Potentiometer
  • D. Bleeder resistor

64. How does synchro stator receive its voltage?

  • A. Self-induction
  • B. Direct power source
  • C. Thermal board
  • D. By magnetic coupling from the rotor

65. This method of monolithic IC production, elements do not penetrate the substrate.

  • A. Diffusion
  • B. Evaporation
  • C. Epitaxial
  • D. Cathode splittering

66. A major component of a computer that communicates results to computer user in printers, screens (CRT), and discs is called _______

  • A. Input device
  • B. Central unit
  • C. Storage
  • D. Output device

67. How can a series-positive limiter be modified to limit unwanted negative portion of the input signal?

  • A. Negative biasing
  • B. Positive biasing
  • C. Biasing
  • D. Forward biasing

68. What is the purpose of using a differential synchro instead of regular synchro?

  • A. Handles more signals only
  • B. Performs addition and subtraction functions only
  • C. Handles two signals only
  • D. Differentials synchros can handle more signal and also perform addition and subtraction functions

69. The intensity of a magnetic field directly related to the magnetic force exerted by the field.

  • A. Field intensity
  • B. Magnetic flux
  • C. Magnetic force
  • D. Magnetic field

70. IC production method to prevent unwanted interaction between elements within a chip.

  • A. Evaporation
  • B. Cathode splittering
  • C. Isolation
  • D. Diffusion

71. Analysis of the spectrum of light or other form of electromagnetic radiation emitted or absorbed by a substance in order to investigate its structure.

  • A. Fluoroscopy
  • B. Calligraphy
  • C. Spectroscopy
  • D. Spectography

72. Which of the following items are elements of a computer operating system?

  • i. Control over input/output device
  • ii. Organization and control of files
  • iii. Control of program execution
  • iv. Control of memory allocation to different programs.
  • v. Only b, c and d
  • vi. Only a, c and d
  • vii. Only a, b and c
  • viii. a, b, c and d

73. Which of the following are advantages of non-servo controlled robot?

  • i. High repeatedly
  • ii. High speed operation
  • iii. Low cost
  • iv. Only a and b
  • v. Only b and c
  • vi. a, b and c
  • vii. Only a and c

74. Its purpose is to counteract armature reaction

  • A. Armature windings
  • B. Commutators
  • C. Field windings
  • D. Interpoles and compensating windings

75. What type of servo system whose goal is to control the positive of the load?

  • A. Accelerator servo
  • B. Velocity servo
  • C. Time servo
  • D. Position servo

76. A new concept in commercial aircraft where computers monitor aircraft systems reporting on their status only if requested by the pilot or if something is wrong and displayed on the screen when necessary.

  • A. Virtual cockpit
  • B. Real cockpit
  • C. Glass cockpit
  • D. The cockpit

77. A basic requirement of a closed loop system (not present in open-loops) that enables present load position to be sensed.

  • A. Input
  • B. Overload
  • C. Error signal
  • D. Feedback

78. Which is not a function of register in digital circuit?

  • A. Data storage device
  • B. Sequence generators
  • C. Use in counters
  • D. Use to block signal

79. Which of the following material possesses permeabilities slightly less than that of free space?

  • A. Diamagnetic
  • B. Paramagnetic
  • C. Ferromagnetic
  • D. Non-magnetic

80. An assembly of microcircuits or combination of microcircuits and discrete components packaged as replacement.

  • A. Electronic module
  • B. Microcircuit module
  • C. PCB
  • D. Minielectronics

81. An electronic oscillator which is similar to Hartley oscillator except a minor modification instead of a tapped coil, a variable capacitor is used instead across a common conductor.

  • A. Crystal oscillator
  • B. Armstrong oscillator
  • C. R-C phase shift oscillator
  • D. Colpitts ocscillator

82. The most unstable biasing method in the basic transistor amplifier.

  • A. Limited bias
  • B. Combination bias
  • C. Base current bias of fixed bias
  • D. Self bias

83. Physical phenomena where forces acting in the medium produce motion in exact proportion.

  • A. Non-reciprocity effects
  • B. Linearity
  • C. Reciprocity
  • D. Non-linear effects

84. CMRR for an operational amplifier should be

  • A. As large as possible
  • B. Close to zero
  • C. Close to unit
  • D. As small as possible

85. Sinusoidal oscillator that are turned on and off for a specific time duration to produce outputs at a predetermined frequency for an indefinite period of time.

  • A. Pulsed oscillator
  • B. Phase shift oscillator
  • C. Crystal oscillator
  • D. Basic oscillator

86. Type of MOSFET that can be independently controlled by two separate signals.

  • A. JFET
  • B. Dual-gate MOSFET
  • C. Induced channel MOSFET
  • D. IGFET

87. What physical effect will a two parallel wires and with the same direction of current flowing over them?

  • A. Maintain position
  • B. Repel each other
  • C. No physical effect
  • D. Attract each other

88. What direction is the magnetic field about a conductor when current is flowing?

  • A. In a direction opposite to the current flow
  • B. In all direction; omnidirectional
  • C. In the same direction of the current
  • D. In a direction determined by the left hand rule

89. The primary difference between the PNP and NPN amplifier

  • A. Capacity
  • B. Type of input
  • C. Type of bias
  • D. Polarity of source voltage

90. What is the purpose of an external plate-lead resistor in an amplifier circuit?

  • A. To provide signal variations in plate voltage
  • B. To provide screen guide voltage
  • C. To provide higher amplification factor of the tube
  • D. To provide required bias voltage

91. An application of an operational amplifier in which the output signal is determined by the sum of the input signals multiplied by the gain: Eout= Gain (E1+E2+. . .)

  • A. Magnetic amplifier
  • B. Summing amplifier
  • C. Difference amplifier
  • D. Scaling amplifier

92. Refers to a design of a system taking into account environmental and electronic characteristics, access and maintainability.

  • A. System handling
  • B. System packaging
  • C. Packaging
  • D. Packaging levels

93. What law in electronics where an induced current will be in such a direction that its own magnetic field will oppose the magnetic field that produces the same?

  • A. Electromagnetic law
  • B. Norton’s law
  • C. Lenz’s law
  • D. Maxwell’s law

94. Semi-conductor chip with electrodes (leads) extended beyond the wafer

  • A. DICE
  • B. Flip chip
  • C. Beam-lead chip
  • D. DIP

95. What is skin effect?

  • A. The phenomenon where RF current flows in a thinner layer of the conductor, close to the surface, as frequency decreases.
  • B. The phenomenon where RF current flows in a thinner layer of the conductor, close to the surface, as frequency increases.
  • C. The phenomenon where thermal effects on the surface of the conductor increases the impedance.
  • D. The phenomenon where thermal effects on the surface of the conductor decreases the impedance.

96. What do you call the ratio between the intensity of magnetization produced in a substance, to the source of magnetizing force?

  • A. Magnetic resistivity
  • B. Magnetic conductivity
  • C. Magnetic susceptibility
  • D. Magnetic reluctivity

97. What do you call the non-metallic material that has ferromagnetic properties?

  • A. Ferrite
  • B. Ferromagnetic
  • C. Diamagnetic
  • D. Paramagnetic

98. Process by which a magnetic substance becomes a magnet when it is placed near a magnet.

  • A. Electromagnetic induction
  • B. Magnetic reflection
  • C. Influx of density
  • D. Magnetic induction

99. Which class of amplifier provides the highest efficiency?

  • A. Class A
  • B. Class AB
  • C. Class C
  • D. Class B

100. Fine wires connecting the bonding pad to the chip to the external lead of the package.

  • A. Harness
  • B. Cables
  • C. Bonding wires
  • D. Leads

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