Electronics Engineering Mastery Test 4: ECE Pre-Board

Pre-Board Examinations in Electronics Engineering Mastery Test 4 composed of previous Board Exams Questions and/or from related books and resources. Familiarize each and every questions.

Electronics Engineering Exam 4

This is 100 items set of Practice Examination 4 in Electronics Engineering composed of previous Board Exams Questions. Read each questions and choices carefully! Choose the best answer. In the actual board, you have to answer 100 items in Electronics Engineering within 5 hours. You have to get at least 70% to pass the subject. Electronics Engineering is 30% of the total 100% Board Rating along with Mathematics (20%), General Engineering and Applied Sciences (20%) and Electronics Systems and Technology (30%).

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Choose the letter of the best answer in each questions.

1. How much current does an electrostatic voltmeter require through it to operate?

  • A. Zero current
  • B. Below one ampere
  • C. One ampere
  • D. Very high current

2. Determine the equivalent work of 166 watt – second

  • A. 166 Joules
  • B. 100 Joules
  • C. 16.6 Joules
  • D. 10 Joules

3. Characteristics of the current flow in a series R-L-C circuit at resonance

  • A. it is dc
  • B. it is at a minimum
  • C. it is zero
  • D. it is at a maximum

4. What is the value of a resistor with colours from left. Orange, blue, gold and silver?

  • A. 34 ohms +/- 10%
  • B. 3.6ohms +/- 10%
  • C. 3.4ohms +/- 10%
  • D. 36 ohms +/- 10%

5. Which of the following characterizes inductance?

  • A. tends to oppose dc
  • B. tends to oppose changes in voltage
  • C. tends to oppose changes in current
  • D. oppose all frequencies equally

6. One of the following does not refer to the internal component of a klystron oscillator

  • A. a collector plate
  • B. a pair of plates
  • C. a pair of catcher grids
  • D. a pair of buncher grids

7. How can electrical current be inducted with a coil and a magnet?

  • A. holding the coil and the magnet perfectly stationary
  • B. moving either the magnet or the coil
  • C. placing the coil parallel to the magnetic field
  • D. placing the coil at right angles with the magnetic field

8. Which of the following integrated circuit contains the most gates?

  • A. LSI
  • B. MSI
  • C. VLSI
  • D. SSI

9. Which of the following is not primary type cell?

  • A. Zinc chloride
  • B. Silver zinc
  • C. Silver oxide
  • D. Carbon zinc

10. A Transformer consist of the following

  • A. an inductance and resistance
  • B. a parallel resonant circuit
  • C. a capacitor and inductor
  • D. two coils wound on a common core

11. What type of tube is used to display a signal on an oscilloscope?

  • A. Filament tube
  • B. Cathode ray tube
  • C. Tetrode
  • D. Pentode

12. Meaning of the term transition region with regard to a transistor.

  • A. the point where wire leads are connected to the P or N type material
  • B. an area of low charge density around the P-N junction
  • C. The area of maximum P-type charge
  • D. The area of maximum N-type charge

13. What is the resonant frequency of a circuit when L of 25 micro henrys and C of 10 picofarads are in parallel?

  • A. 63.7 MHz
  • B. 10.1 MHz
  • C. 63.7 KHz
  • D. 10.1 KHz

14. When should a fuse be replaced with a higher rated unit?

  • A. Never
  • B. When the original value is not available
  • C. If it blows
  • D. When the fuse of the original value is small in size

15. What is the resonant frequency of a circuit when L of 3 micro henrys and C of 40 picofarads are in series?

  • A. 1.33 MHz
  • B. 14.5 kHz
  • C. 1.33 kHz
  • D. 14.5 MHz

16. Find the two stable operating conditions of SCR

  • A. conducting and non-conducting
  • B. oscillating and quiescent
  • C. NPN conduction and PNP Conduction
  • D. forward conducting and reverse conducting

17. A filter having a single continuous transmission band with neither the upper nor the lower cut off frequencies being zero to infinite is called _______

  • A. Band pass filter
  • B. Longitudinal suppression filter
  • C. High pass filter
  • D. Band rejection filter

18. What physical effect will a two parallel wires and with the same direction of current flowing over them?

  • A. maintain position
  • B. repel each other
  • C. no physical effect
  • D. attract each other

19. Determine which item is not a storage device

  • A. Card readers
  • B. CD-ROM
  • C. Diskettes
  • D. Magnetic tape

20. Find the frequency in kilocycles per second in the armature of a 10 pole, 1,200 rpm generator

  • A. 100
  • B. 1000
  • C. 10
  • D. 0.100

21. Ohm’s law refers to ______

  • A. A current is directly proportional to both voltage and resistance
  • B. power is directly proportional to the resistance and inversely as the current squared
  • C. power is directly proportional to both voltage squared and the resistance
  • D. current varies directly as the voltage and inversely as the resistance

22. A transistor acts as ______ when saturated

  • A. open circuit
  • B. very low resistance
  • C. very high resistance
  • D. variable resistance

23. Another very useful cell similar to solar cells however the junction is bombarded by beta particles from radioactive materials

  • A. Alkaline cells
  • B. Nucleus cells
  • C. Selenium cells
  • D. Lithium cells

24. What is an element in electronics which serves as a protection against overload?

  • A. Fuse
  • B. Resistor
  • C. Mica
  • D. Semiconductor

25. If two 0.25 micro farad capacitors are connected in series, what will be the total effective capacitance?

  • A. 0.125 microfarad
  • B. 0.0624microfarad
  • C. 2.5microfarad
  • D. 0.50microfarad

26. In semiconductor technology the characteristics of a transistor in a cut off refers to a condition when

  • A. the transistor is at its operating point
  • B. no current flow from emitter to collector
  • C. there is no base current
  • D. maximum current flows from emitter to collector

27. Find the current that flows through the filament of a 400 watts flat iorn connected to a 220v power line

  • A. 50ma
  • B. 5a
  • C. 5ma
  • D. 500ma

28. An electronic device draws 300watts from its 24 volt power source. Find the effective resistance

  • A. 1.92ohms
  • B. 19.2ohms
  • C. 1.25ohms
  • D. 12.50ohms

29. _______ is not a type of flip flop

  • A. RS
  • B. Latch
  • C. D
  • D. Register

30. Which are the principal characteristics of a tunnel diode?

  • A. a very high PIV
  • B. a high forward current rating
  • C. a high forward resistance
  • D. a negative resistance region

31. What is the flux density in gauss (G) having a flux of 12,000 Mx through a perpendicular area of 6m squared?

  • A. 2000G
  • B. 72000G
  • C. 72G
  • D. 200G

32. What is the distinguishing feature of a class C amplifier?

  • A. output is present for less than 180 degrees of the input signal cycle
  • B. output is present for the entire signal cycle
  • C. output is present for exactly 180
  • D. output is present for more than 180 degrees but less than 360 degrees of the input signal

33. How many nodes are needed to completely analyze a circuit according to Kirchhoff’s current law?

  • A. two
  • B. all nodes in the circuit
  • C. one less than the total number of nodes in the circuit
  • D. one

34. What is the process of designing more than 100 gates on a single chip?

  • A. LSI
  • B. SSI
  • C. MSI
  • D. VLSI

35. which of the following cannot be used to make a magnet

  • A. Carbon
  • B. Cobalt
  • C. Iron
  • D. Lodestone

36. The two general types of heating methods in industrial electronics are

  • A. frequency and induction heating
  • B. induction and dielectric heating
  • C. coil and dielectric heating
  • D. coil and frequency heating

37. ________ signal represent the true signal in the truth table

  • A. Two
  • B. One
  • C. Zero
  • D. Four

38. The arrow in the schematic symbol for a diode points in which way?

  • A. towards the cathode
  • B. in the direction of the current flow
  • C. towards the anode
  • D. towards the magnetic north

39. In applying the right hand rule by holding a conductor with your right hand so that the thumb represents the current, the encircling fingers around the conductor represent _____

  • A. Electric lines of force
  • B. Electromagnetic field intensity
  • C. Magnetic lines of force
  • D. Electronic field of force

40. Which of the following describes the action of a capacitor

  • A. converts ac into dc
  • B. stores electrical energy
  • C. opposes changes in the current flow
  • D. creates a dc resistance

41. What do you call the phenomenon whereby substance attracts particle of iron

  • A. Permeability
  • B. Magnetism
  • C. Naturalism
  • D. Electromagnetism

42. Low sensitive dc voltmeter provides accurate reading when measuring _____ circuits

  • A. At any resistance
  • B. Low resistance
  • C. Zero resistance
  • D. High resistance

43. What should be the resolution of a digital voltmeter having a three digit 0-3V?

  • A. 15V
  • B. 3mv
  • C. ½ micro volt
  • D. 30mv

44. The impedance in the study of electronics is represented by resistance and ______

  • A. Inductance and capacitance
  • B. Inductance
  • C. Reactance
  • D. Capacitance

45. One of the following is characteristics of a direct current dc supply voltage

  • A. its output reverses polarity
  • B. its value cannot be stepped up or down by transformer
  • C. easier to amplify
  • D. fluctuates

46. What kind of voltage is applied to the horizontal deflection plates of the oscilloscope

  • A. Trigger voltage
  • B. Signal voltage
  • C. Sweep voltage
  • D. Supply voltage

47. Loop currents should be assumed to flow in which direction?

  • A. Straight
  • B. Either c or d arbitrarily selected
  • C. Counter clockwise
  • D. Clockwise

48. ______ is a parallel LC circuit

  • A. Parallel resisting circuit
  • B. Static circuit
  • C. Tank circuit
  • D. Hartley circuit

49. Find the half power bandwidth of a parallel resonant circuit which has a resonant frequency of 3.6 MHz and a Q of 218.

  • A. 606khz
  • B. 58.7khz
  • C. 16.5khz
  • D. 47.3khz

50. Which type of meter requires its own power source

  • A. an voltmeter
  • B. an ammeter
  • C. an ohmmeter
  • D. a wattmeter

51. In order to have the best efficiency and stability, where on the load line should a solid state power amplifier to be operated?

  • A. just below the saturation point
  • B. at 1.14 times the saturation point
  • C. just above the saturation point
  • D. at the saturation point

52. Group of magnetically aligned atoms

  • A. Lattice
  • B. Crystal
  • C. Domain
  • D. Range

53. How many nickel-cadmium cells are needed in series for a 10v battery?

  • A. 8
  • B. 12
  • C. 5
  • D. 10

54. Five picofarads is equivalent to ______

  • A. 5 x 10 to the -12th
  • B. 50 x 10 to the -12th
  • C. 5 x 10 to the -10th
  • D. 500 x 10 to the -10th

55. In order to obtain the best temperature stability, what should be the operating voltage of the reference diode in a linear voltage regulator?

  • A. approximately 6.0 volts
  • B. approximately 3.0 volts
  • C. approximately 2.0 volts
  • D. approximately 10.0 volts

56. What determines the resonant frequency of a crystal?

  • A. external components
  • B. the temperature of the crystal
  • C. the size and thickness of the crystal material
  • D. the hermetic seal

57. What is the most important specification for semiconductor diode?

  • A. Forward resistance
  • B. Reverse resistance
  • C. Peak inverse voltage
  • D. Current capacity

58. the term cut-off for a transistor refers to ____

  • A. the transistor is at its operating point
  • B. no current flow from the emitter to collector
  • C. maximum current flow from emitter to collector
  • D. there is no base point

59. What technique is used to increase gain in linear IC’s

  • A. resistor ratio design
  • B. use of transistor with narrow bases
  • C. use of high resistance transistor
  • D. use of transistor with wide bases

60. One advantage of hydraulic actuator in industrial robots include _____

  • A. great force capability handling heavy loads
  • B. lower operating cost than the other type
  • C. low initial cost than that the other types
  • D. clean no oil leaks

61. When resistors are connected in series what happens?

  • A. the effective resistance is decreased
  • B. nothing
  • C. the tolerance is decreased
  • D. the effective resistance is increased

62. ________ is used to store electrical energy in an electro static field?

  • A. a transformer
  • B. a battery
  • C. a capacitor
  • D. an inductor

63. When comparing rms voltage and average voltage, which of the following statement is true, assuming sine waves?

  • A. either the rms voltage or the average voltage might be larger
  • B. the rms voltage is always greater than the average voltage
  • C. there will always be a very large difference between the rms voltage and the average voltage
  • D. the average voltage is always greater than the rms voltage

64. Which are the three terminals of a TRIAC

  • A. gate, anode 1 and anode 2
  • B. gate, source and sink
  • C. base, emitter and collector
  • D. emitter, base 1 and base 2

65. In semiconductor application, which of the following statement is not true?

  • A. An ohmmeter test across the base collector terminal of a transistor should show low resistance in one polarity and high resistance in the opposite polarity
  • B. A triac is a bi-directional
  • C. An ohmmeter test across a diode show low resistance in one polarity and high resistance in the opposite polarity
  • D. An ohmmeter test across the base collector of a transistor should show low resistance for both polarity

66. What do you call an amplifier which has an output current flowing during the whole input current cycle?

  • A. Class AB amplifier
  • B. Class B amplifier
  • C. Class A amplifier
  • D. Class C amplifier

67. PNP transistor has the following arrangement

  • A. P type base, N type emitter, P type collector
  • B. P type emitter, N type base, P type collector
  • C. P type collector, N type base, P type emitter
  • D. P type emitter, N type collector, P type base

68. How many Maxwell’s is 4000 lines of magnetic force?

  • A. 200
  • B. 4000
  • C. 2000
  • D. 400

69. Solve for the base current if collector current is 600ma and the current gain is 20

  • A. 30mA
  • B. 3mA
  • C. 12mA
  • D. 1.2mA

70. Meters with moving coil are normally used for measuring _______

  • A. only dc
  • B. both ac and dc
  • C. % value of dc
  • D. only ac

71. What is the law whereby the force of attraction or repulsion between poles is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them?

  • A. Newton’s first law
  • B. Newton’s second law
  • C. Norton’s law
  • D. Coulomb’s law

72. _________ includes two of the actuator type used in industrial robots

  • A. Pneumatic and jointed arm
  • B. Hydraulic and pneumatic
  • C. Electric and spherical
  • D. Hydraulic and cylindrical

73. find the total force producing magnetic flux of a circuit having a 40v applied across a relay coil with 80 turns on 2 ohms resistance

  • A. 16,000At
  • B. 160.0At
  • C. 16.00At
  • D. 1600At

74. What do you call a logic gate that has an output of 1 only if a single output is 1?

  • A. XOR
  • B. NOT
  • C. XNOR
  • D. AND

75. What is the simplest type of switch?

  • A. Relay
  • B. Toggle switch
  • C. Knife switch
  • D. AND

76. Single device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy is called ______

  • A. Generator
  • B. Battery
  • C. Solar
  • D. Cell

77. How long will a battery needed to operate a 240 watts equipment, whose capacity is 100 ah and 24 volts rating?

  • A. 5hrs
  • B. 10hrs
  • C. 1hr
  • D. 10 hr

78. How many electrodes does a pentode have?

  • A. 4
  • B. 2
  • C. 3
  • D. 5

79. What do you call the quantity of magnetism retained by a magnetic material after the withdrawal of a magnetizing force?

  • A. Left over magnetism
  • B. Coercivity
  • C. Hysteresis
  • D. Residual magnetism

80. Low sensitive DC voltmeter provides inaccurate result when measuring _____ circuits

  • A. high resistance
  • B. low resistance
  • C. at any resistance
  • D. zero resistance

81. _______ is the air space between poles of magnet

  • A. Air gap
  • B. Free zone
  • C. Free space
  • D. Vacuum

82. What happens in the resistance of a conductor wire when its temperature is lowered?

  • A. decreased
  • B. steady
  • C. zero
  • D. increased

83. For the greatest accuracy, what should the input impedance of a VOM be?

  • A. 1000ohms/v
  • B. 50,000ohms/v
  • C. as large as possible
  • D. as low as possible

84. Determine the percentage error of reading of an ammeter due to ammeter insertion ammeter parameters include 70 ohms internal resistance and a load resistor of 1.4k ohms

  • A. 7.5
  • B. 4.76
  • C. 3.76
  • D. 2.9

85. Refers to digital interface in which data character are individually synchronized and may be sent at a time

  • A. Half duplex
  • B. Asynchronous
  • C. Synchronous
  • D. Simplex

86. A transistor in which N type and P type materials are used is called _______

  • A. Unijunction
  • B. TTL
  • C. Bipolar
  • D. FET

87. What is the higher voltage level in digital gates and flip-flop circuits?

  • A. Yes or one
  • B. One or zero
  • C. Zero or no
  • D. Yes or no

88. Refers to a force of field that exist between ions where they either repel or attract each other

  • A. Resisting field
  • B. Potential field
  • C. Dielectric
  • D. Electromotive

89. The basic difference between a feedback in biasing an amplifier circuit is

  • A. biasing circuits may employ positive feedback while amplifier circuits use negative feedback
  • B. biasing circuits have high input impedance while amplifier circuits have low output impedance
  • C. in biasing circuits DC negative feedback is provided while amplifiers employ AC negative feedback
  • D. in biasing circuits AC negative feedback is provided while amplifier use DC negative feedback

90. What happens if the grid is made more positive than the saturation point?

  • A. no other amplification takes place
  • B. the tube stops conducting
  • C. the tube elements might be damaged
  • D. electrons are drawn to the grid and not reach the plate

91. What is another term for magnetic lines of force?

  • A. Flux
  • B. Magnetic Force
  • C. Armature
  • D. Lodestone

92. The speed of a dc shunt motor can be slowed down under one of the condition below

  • A. Increased armature resistance
  • B. Decreased field voltage
  • C. Increased field voltage
  • D. Increased armature voltage

93. Which of the following is not a basic part of an atom

  • A. Electron
  • B. Proton
  • C. Neutron
  • D. Coulomb

94. Find the normal operating voltage and current of LED

  • A. 60v and 20mA
  • B. 5v and 50mA
  • C. 0.7v and 60mA
  • D. 1.7v and 20mA

95. With the same voltage applied which of the following allows more current?

  • A. 25ohms
  • B. 250ohms
  • C. 0.25ohms
  • D. 2.5ohms

96. Refers to dry storage cell

  • A. Carbon-zinc cell
  • B. Edison cell
  • C. Mercury cell
  • D. Nickel-cadmium cell

97. If 12v are applied to a circuit that consumes 78w, what is the current flow through the circuit?

  • A. 6.5A
  • B. 936A
  • C. 0.15A
  • D. 9.36A

98. Which of the following does not refer to electric energy?

  • A. Joule
  • B. Watt second
  • C. Volt coulomb
  • D. Volt ampere

99. What is the other term for the secondary cells considering its capability to accept recharging

  • A. Reaction cell
  • B. Primary cell
  • C. Storage cell
  • D. Dry cell

100. Ion is ________

  • A. an atom with unbalanced charges
  • B. free electron
  • C. proton
  • D. nucleus without protons

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